Why It’s Time To Switch To Solar Energy

What’s the big deal about solar?

You’ve seen those shiny solar panels popping up on the roofs of neighbours and businesses everywhere like there’s no tomorrow. And that’s just the thing! We’re all charged with the responsibility of future proofing our tomorrow by being sensible about the energy we consume and where we source it from.

There’s no question that solar generated electricity is the way of the future. With the rising costs of electricity and government funded initiatives available to help you switch to solar at an affordable price, there’s never been a better time to invest in the future and change to a clean, renewable energy source by switching to solar.

Our lifestyles are clearly enhanced by the consumption of power. Our home comforts, necessities and entertainment; work operations and office productivity; and our social interactions are all dependent on electricity. But where we source that power from impacts our whole world.

The use of renewable energy sources is increasing in Australia, especially in Queensland where now more than one third of homes in the state have solar panel systems installed on their roofs. That’s a good thing, because our energy consumption also continues to rise. The even better news is, no action, no building and no person is too small to make a difference.


What is solar energy?

That big ball of fire in the sky does a lot more for us than simply providing light for us to go about our busy lives during the daytime. Every particle of sunlight that reaches our planet contains clean, renewable energy that fuels our planet.

Solar energy uses the natural heat and light from the sun to produce power or electricity. It can be harvested through solar panels installed on the roof of a house or building and supply the energy needs for that premises, as well as returning surplus energy to the grid.

Living in the Sunshine State, the good news is that, with an average of 7.38 hours of sunlight each day in Queensland, we’re better placed than many to make the most of this resource


What are some of the home truths about solar?

Your home might be just one of hundreds in your suburb, thousands in your town, and millions in your city. But while you’re using ‘dirty’ energy, you’re having a negative impact on the environment.

To put it in perspective, 20% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions are generated from households. An average house in Australia uses between 13 and 17 kilowatts of energy per day, which equates to more than seven tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. And it comes at an average annual cost of around $1,500 per household.

But every individual effort adds up. Every suburban rooftop is an opportunity to improve. And they’re making a big difference, with small scale solar from households being the biggest clean energy producer in Australia, after big-business hydro and wind facilities.

So, joining the switch to solar could be the single biggest difference you make at home to the fight against climate change.


So why turn to solar?

We’ve touched on a few of the feel good, environmental reasons to make the switch to solar, but there’s also the added benefit of the impact that moving to solar energy will deliver to your wallet and your household energy bills.

As a Redlands based, family owned and operated business with young children of our own, we’re not only passionate about seeing our customers make the move across to clean energy, but we care about helping you to cut your electricity bills so that you can better spend that money elsewhere.

  • Save money by reducing your power bills
  • Make money by generating energy
  • Receive rebates to help offset initial costs
  • It’s an eco-friendly energy source
  • It’s an achievable option for every house and business


How to future proof your world with solar.

For a no obligation quote or to simply find out more about making the move to solar, give the team at Charged Energy a call on 0401 574 225. We have solar energy packages to suit all family budgets and household sizes and interest free finance is available.

To learn more about solar energy and making the change, email admin@chargedenergy.com.au to request a copy of our e-book “Future Proof Your World with Solar”.

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